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Heather, how many homes have you sold? 

This is a wonderful question. I wish I knew the answer! My main focus is on the task at hand of helping you buy or sell a home. I have not kept a accurate count as the majority of my sales volume was credited to my former broker as this was the company model of business.

If I had to guess:

-25-40 homes in Year 1;

-40-65 homes per year  in Year 2 and 3;

-65-122 homes per year in Years 4 and 5. 

2020: So far 40 in 2020.

Here is a partial list of the homes sold. 

Past Sale on Zillow (Not a complete list of sales)

Click on link to view properties sold by Heather Damron. 

Gaineswood Condo: Closed March 2020

Monticello at Millpond : Closed June 2020

Greenleaf 2/1 : Sold February 2020